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Erin Go Bragh

A throw back post, be assured if you haven't been following me since early 2015 when this was first written - I am okay. The diagnosis of PTSD and therapy, etc since then have made this time of year have much less of an effect on my mental health. St Patrick’s day spells regret. Each… Continue reading Erin Go Bragh


Of Marriageable Age

As I have gotten older, I seem to find I meet more and more people that aren't married though they are around my age or older. I used to think I would be one of those people. I always expected one day to get married, but though my parents were married young (comparatively to all my… Continue reading Of Marriageable Age


FAME! (My Embarrassment) Will Live Forever

I believe it was senior year, and I went to school feeling super cute in my knit tube top - it was red with aqua stripes along the top and bottom, giving it a sporty look, and an aqua "Fame" blazoned across the front. The same style as from the movie. It was soooo retro.… Continue reading FAME! (My Embarrassment) Will Live Forever


An Evil Woman

Picture it: December 2015, Alice Springs Australia... And I FINALLY, after over 12 years of marriage, I FINALLY actually legitimately scared my husband… and it was so worth the wait! So there I was, waiting on my husband to be ready to go somewhere; he was taking awhile in the shower so I went to… Continue reading An Evil Woman

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“You Were Really in Love With Ben, Weren’t You?”

I waited excitedly for Judy outside of the APO office. The day was warm and sunny - like most days were in Alice Springs, Australia. "Judy!" I said, veritably bouncing with excitement. "I wrote another book!" I exclaimed, holding out a file of loose printer paper - my manuscript. I had had Judy read my… Continue reading “You Were Really in Love With Ben, Weren’t You?”

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Happy Anniversary to Me, it’s Been a Wild Ride

Well, would you look at that. This journey of mine started a whole 8 years ago now. It doesn't feel like it's been that long. At the same time, I know that I put so much work into building everything here on WordPress - and a good 7 years of it went down the drain,… Continue reading Happy Anniversary to Me, it’s Been a Wild Ride

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I Caught the Feels

The thing is, for many, many years, I built up my walls and buried emotions deep down... I'd remain calm and like a duck out of water, I'd let a whole lot of stuff roll off my back. Eventually my suppressed emotions would bubble over until I breathed fire if /when certain people stepped over… Continue reading I Caught the Feels

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That Rugged Irishman

Several years ago, I worked with a youth program. I was the superintendent and ran said program which was for 8-26 year olds. I typically handled mostly the 13-26 year olds, as I had good capable people taking care of the 8-12 year old sessions. I digress. At the time I was working with teens,… Continue reading That Rugged Irishman