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When Maja Saved My Life – Updated Version

Myself and Maja, on the night of this story Reposting this story as I do some Maja memories in honor of her upcoming nuptials and my upcoming trip to be there for her as a bridesmaid 😉 There have been a few changes, for added details (that I think I included in my book...?) And… Continue reading When Maja Saved My Life – Updated Version

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Fuck Me, I’d Be Lying

The day was chilly, but hardly cold. At least not in the sense that we had to wear actual jackets – but it’s all relative, I guess. Swedish autumn warranted our turtle neck sweaters; mine being the rusty orange one I had bought in Copenhagen, and Maja’s was striped with blues and browns. As always,… Continue reading Fuck Me, I’d Be Lying

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Startled to Tears

It's been 14 years. God, that makes me feel old to say... Worse yet when I realize that I graduated Gymnasium 20 years ago as of this year... But I realized the other day that it's been 14 years. I was 25 that year. Please don't do the math... lol. I used to fall into… Continue reading Startled to Tears

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Memory Notification

Original version published on previous blog June 2015, some changes have been made: Facebook memory notifications can be a wonderful thing. Bringing back to your attention the fun and silly posts and conversations had in years past can make you smile. But then, sometimes, something not so happy is brought to your attention. Sometimes it’s… Continue reading Memory Notification

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Shut The Fuck Up and Train

I was thinking this weekend about how unfit I am now and how I miss MMA ...but at the same time so hesitant to try other gyms since I moved from Australia. Dan's gym felt like home... Anyway, I specifically thought about the Shark Tank incident and what Dan had said to me afterwards, hence… Continue reading Shut The Fuck Up and Train

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Oh My God, Emma! You Are Such a Snob!

This is something I have thought of writing about several times, but for respect for him I never discussed it publicly with anyone that was also in his personal life. Primarily because of his wife at the time... Supposedly he was concerned about her penchant for jealousy mixed with her Asian temperament. Though now he… Continue reading Oh My God, Emma! You Are Such a Snob!

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Happy Little Compartments

(This post is an edited version of one that had been previously posted on my old blog) Compartmentalization: without realizing it; it's what I do. I divide my mind into happy little compartments. No... I suppose not all of them are happy. The ones that are not happy... Ok, I happily ignore them. Well... I… Continue reading Happy Little Compartments